Here at The Writers’ Practice we know how to get material into shape, out there and recognised. As professional writers, editors, and creative writing teachers, we understand the need for astute editorial and commercial advice. However you choose to be published, you still need the credibility that comes with professional editing. This is where we come in. Because our team is small, we take pride in working on each stage of a book. Advice on where and how to get published is part of our service.

We also provide one-on-one mentoring. Send along your one page idea, or a sample of your manuscript, for advice on where to go next – and how to get there – and we can take it from there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jeremy Page advises on screenplays. He has 20 years of experience in the UK film and TV industry, working as a script editor for the BBC, Film Four and Netflix. He currently teaches screenwriting at the London Film School. He is also the prize-winning author of three novels, The Collector of Lost Things (Little Brown), The Wake and Salt (Penguin) – and was shortlisted for the 2015 BBC National Short Story Awards. His first non-fiction book, From New York to California, is an eccentric journey across the East of England, looking for the not-quite visible, rooted in the landscape.

What we do:

Fiction: Fiction reports cover storytelling, style, language – how to bring out your voice – structure, characterisation and dialogue. In addition to the report, you will receive a fully annotated manuscript within 5 weeks. We endeavour to show you how to progress with the next draft, which could well make your novel publishable. We are also happy to engage in further clarification via email or phone, once you have had time to digest the report. This is part of the service and free of charge.

Non-fiction: We are happy to advise on memoir and biography. In return you will receive a fully annotated manuscript and a 2000 word report within 5 weeks.

Screenplays: We offer assessments of screenplays for TV and feature films. We do not approach screenwriting with any rigid theory. Our 2000 word report, returned within a month, will help you to simply assess and appreciate your screenplay on its own merits. To find what excites you about the story, and help you bring it out. What we hope to do is show you how to redraft thus helping your script down the long road to production. As ever, we are always willing to further clarify any points or answer any queries via email, following the report and annotation. We also offer script development for film companies subject to contract.

Fees: For a full length manuscript (a novel or a work of non-fiction of up to 60,000 words), a 2000 word report and fully annotated manuscript, costs start at £649. For reports on screenplays we charge £549.

In the first instance please email us with your enquiry at and we’ll let you know what we think is the most suitable course of action and the appropriate fee structure. Payment can be by cheque (payable to The Writers’ Practice) or by bank transfer (details supplied on request), and must be received before the report is produced. Because of the varied nature of the work, all fees have to be personally agreed and met before work commences. We want you to be completely happy with what we offer.

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